Friday, September 7, 2007

new cord!

So... Yesterday when I came home from work, mom passes on 2 messages that were on the answering machine. Dentist appointment Monday.. Oh and the cable cord has arrived at Shane's office. WOO! Today I went to the audiology and picked up the cord for my FM transmitter. Cost me $50, but it's worth the money. Mom may not think so, but I do. I use both FM transmitter cords frequently, so it's not like one cord is just laying around collecting dust. I just leave one plugged into the computer (I have to plug it in BEHIND the computer, as there's no place to plug in speakers or headphones in the front), and I use the other one with my CD and DVD players. I use all 3 machines just about all the time, so no problem. I think the last time I ordered a cord, it was $75... I think.

Anyway, also, while I was still at the office, I also asked for a copy of my audiogram. I just remembered, I knew they had a copy or 2 of my audiogram from when I was in school and the school district audiologist did a hearing test on me while I was in 9th grade (that was the last time I had my hearing tested within the school district). I remembered I had a hearing test done by Kerri at the old office while I was in high school (junior or senior year). I was applying for SSI at the time and they wanted a recent audiogram for proof. I didn't know if that audiogram was in my file, as at the time, Shane and Kerri both were in separate offices and buildings. I was happy to see the most recent one in my file, so a copy of that one was made. I'll have to scan it so you can see what my hearing loss was like in high school.

I'm taking the copy with me to Denver for the evaluation. I don't know if they'll want it, but I'll bring it anyway! I know there'll be a new one made, but thats ok. It would be nice to compare the last one with the new one, to see if there's been any changes with my hearing. I don't know if my hearing has dropped a bit in the last few years or if it's just my hearing aid (even though it's been adjusted several times and hasn't really mad much difference), but I most certainly am not hearing as well these days as I used to while I was younger. I used to be able to hear well enough that I didn't have to watch my mom when she spoke, I could just listen. That is not the case anymore today.

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