Wednesday, September 12, 2007


YES! I bought Supernatural Season 2 on DVDs today... and was I surprised to see the subtitles option under Languages. The first season doesn't have the English subtitles, so I was rather disappointed. Season 5 of Smallville has no English subtitles as well. So hopefully Season 6 will have the Subtitles option again. I've missed out on Smallville this year, and quite a few episodes of Supernatural. Just having the subtitles really helps me to stay caught up and make sense of everything.

I fixed up my earmold... Cut the top off of it (it's skeletal style). I really don't like the top part, as it causes many sores in the topper part of my ear. But now, it's fixed and filed down enough so I can put the mold in my ear, and it doesn't even touch the sore/zit that's still in my ear even after 2 weeks.

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