Tuesday, November 13, 2007

insurance update

Well, after talking with Human Resource last week, it's possible I won't be able to get any of the benefits as apparently the prepress job is still temporary. Come on now, exactly how long is "temporary" now? Last time I was told the job would be temporary, it would last through October and that was it.... Well I'm still working in prepress. Now for how much longer? And they're not sure if they'll have anything I could work on AFTER prepress, to keep my 30+ hours a week, since I can't use the phone and all.

I did call BlueCross BlueShield to get a quote from them. If I were to get insurance through them for cochlear implant coverage, I'd have to get insurance with the health pool... whatever, as the implant coverage would come from the pool thing... and that insurance is pretty pricy. I'll look into other insurances, but honestly, the cheapest way I can get insurance is if I get it through employment. No such luck right now.

So, I am hoping my mom's $5 million lottery thing is actually real and she gets that money. She said if she had that money, she would get her lasik eye surgery, she would pay for my cochlear implant, get her business paid off, help out some people with some of that money. Yeah. Her lawyer is looking into this thing. My mom did some research, found out it would be coming from a REAL bank and all. And when contacting them via email (they haven't asked for any private info such as bank accounts or anything like that), they said they would be more than happy to send a certified letter to her lawyer. So hopefully this deal is real, but who knows. We both know there are a lot of scams online and to be leery of them. She's really hopeful this thing is real.

Oh, life just sucks at times. Can't apply for SSI, I'm making more money than is the limit per month. Can't ask DVR for help, they have been of NO help whatsoever in the last few years, and believe me, I've tried. I have asked them for help with insurance and whatnot, and they haven't done a single thing, so forget them. What else can I possibly do, beside continue looking into different insurance companies? Hm. I know I could try fundraisers and what not, but $105,000 is a LOT of money to try to raise. Hm.


Abbie said...

OH MAN! I can't believe that they are dangling you around. My fingers are crossed for you on the lottery thing!
You can't apply for Medicaid help at all?

Anonymous said...

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