Thursday, November 29, 2007

let's save WSD!

There is still a good chance the Wyoming School for the Deaf building can be SAVED! The local school district are wanting to tear down good buildings for no good reason at all, except maybe to waste money. The WSD building is still in excellent shape, and is frequently used on a daily basis. There are plenty of office spaces and there is also the library and resource center for the deaf which is VERY well used not only locally, but throughout the entire state of Wyoming. The school district wants to tear down and rebuild Pineview Elementary, which is understandable as Pineview has been condemned. But there is absolutely no need for them to take down the Deaf School building too (which is conjoined to Pineview). If they tear down the WSD building, it'll probably be replaced with a parking lot. We can't let that happen! So let's take action against the School District and fight them to keep the building up.

You can send letters to
Casper Star Tribune
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If you want to know more information about the situation, read the article that I wrote for the Casper Star Tribune: Deaf alumni saddened by school's fate

In June of 2007 during the WSD's 50th anniversary and reunion, it was the alumni's wish to have a small archives museum to be created in this building, as there would be historical meaning. If the archives museum is placed in another building (should the library/resource center be moved), there wouldn't be the historical connection. Let's achieve the alumni's dream!

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