Wednesday, November 28, 2007

what to do hmm

Am still trying to find options. Contacted the local Department of Family Services about Medicaid, from my description to them, they don't believe I'll be eligible for Medicaid. But they told me to try contacting the Resource Center as they usually are able to help people find different options and whatnot. So I'll try this resource center and see what they can do. I don't have a number for them, but the Medicaid office did give me their location. I don't how how long this office is open during the day, but after work I'll see if I can find the center, and go from there.

La de dah. This is nuts, trying to find coverage of some sort. But I'm still working on it!

I'm also on the search for a new webspace host for my Deaf School website. I have given up all hope on ever functioning again. The new owner of hasn't done a single thing in regards to fixing problems, and this has been going on since September. I'm tired of waiting around and not hearing any words or updates of what is going on with the host, so I'll just find a new one. I really do want to get the archives website up and going, but let's find a reliable host first.


Abbie said...

One of these days, someone will take a shining star to you and this fight will all be worth it.

CDM said...

I'm sure it will be. Until then, I'll keep searching and fighting and finding a way. :)