Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new earmold, finally!

FINALLY! Yesterday my new earmold arrived at my audiologist's office. But I didn't pick it up yesterday, since I was too kooky in the head. Today, before going to work (running late oops), I did go get it. Unitron made the earmold this time. Didn't even realize Unitron made molds too. Huh. Anyway, it's a half-shell mold, clear non-allergenic. Also got my Supero hearing aid back too, finally! Audie's assistant told me the hearing aid has been completely cleaned and everything, so good! Fitted the earmold, put Supero hearing aid on and WHOA loud feedbacking ahh! It still feedbacks a bit when it's behind the ear... but if I turn down the volume, that helps. Will have to get the hearing aid adjusted so I don't have to turn down the volume every time I turn the HA on. Yep. I'm glad to have the Supero back, I surely did miss it.

Now... the new earmold cost me $75 today. Wait a minute! Last earmold cost me $68, and before then, $60, $55ish... I swear, these people just increase the price on earmolds every other year. And this is the cost for just one earmold. ONE. I'd expect that kind of price for a pair, but not for a single. Definitely not too happy with being charged more for the earmold. Oy!

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