Thursday, August 30, 2007

hearing aids & FMs

Would anyone care to tell me WHY I am wearing my old hearing aid? And I do mean OLD! This hearing aid is one of those analogs from Phonak, purple of course.... which I received in the 3rd grade. Yeah, that's what, 13 years ago? I must be incredibly bored or something. And boy, I am just amazed at how DIFFERENT everything sounds. I am so used to how things sound with my digital Supero (once I get used to the adjustments)... so right now with this old analog, oh man. Everything just doesn't sound clear at all. It's all muddled, and I can barely recognize the music I'm listening to. Amazing! And I'm sure I'll be going through this again, several times, when I get the cochlear implant (that is, if I am a candidate and actually get one).

Anyway! I did go to the audiology this morning. Shane was out (can't remember what the assistant told me he was doing), so it was the assistant helping me. Last night I was playing with my Phonak FM transmitter, since I've been having issues with it for a while. Of course, it didn't occur to me until LAST night that maybe, just MAYBE, it's not the FM, but rather, the cord itself. So I played with the cord and all... I can hear music, nope not anymore, oh there it is, oh wait it's gone, oh it's back! Nope there it goes.... Well crap now what? Oh duh. I have an extra cord sitting on my computer desk from when I had it plugged into the computer for a while (this was why I bought the extra cord just last spring, so I could use the FM with the computer). So I switched out the cords, hello mystery solved! It's the cord that's faulty and not the transmitter. And for more than a month I was thinking it was the FM.

So, the assistant said she will have Shane order a replacement (I would like to continue to have 2 cords on hand, 1 for the computer, and 1 to use between DVD and CD players). Then we switched ear hooks on my hearing aid to see if it makes a difference (my hearing aid sure makes my ear hurt after a while). Right now I can't tell if it's made much of a difference, since I have the habit of leaving my hearing aid + FM shoe hanging off from behind my head when I listen to music (this is also a way to let my coworkers know I canNOT hear them when I'm at work, if they have taken the time to read and memorize the "Tips of how to communicate with a deaf person (me)" paper that I had made up and passed out).

Yeah. Oh, did I have fun going through the archives while I was at work. Since I'm actively working on the WSD website, I decided to go through the Star Tribune archives to find any and all articles and letters/editorials about the deaf school to use for the website. Found a bunch, but I know it's not all of them, so I'll have to check the scrapbook and binder and figure out what I have already, and which ones I will have to type up at some point. Now, tomorrow, if I remember to, I'll ask and make sure I can post the articles onto the website. I mean, I'll be giving the CST full credit for each and every single letter and article that I post, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, right? I'll check and make sure. It just would be a nice addition to the website, it's history and perfect for the "archives."

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