Tuesday, August 28, 2007

website frustrations

Well, what do you know! I found a new webspace host back in June for the Wyoming School for the Deaf website. I used to have a website called "Deaf Wyoming" which also included information and stuff for WSD. Well, that old website was basically deleted due to lack of update for months, so I decided I wanted to make a whole new one. And hopefully this new one will be better than the old one as well.

Anyway, since June, I have been struggling with the Coppermine photo gallery for the website. I've followed the instructions and everything, but every time I tried to upload a photo, it just did not work. Well, last night, it worked! I was shocked a thumbnail was actually created and everything. The downside to this is, I have to upload every single photo all over again. I had managed to get all of my photos uploaded to the webspace, since on Coppermine there is an option to "batch add files". When I try to batch add files, well of course, thumbnails cannot be made. Why, I don't know. So I have to upload each individual photo, and that is going to take some time.

But, at least I finally have the gallery going. I'm still working on it, uploading photos. And as for the actual website, well, I'm still working out a layout for that. I still have the Deaf Wyoming website saved on a disk, so I'm using those files and completely redoing everything. Hopefully there will be more information, history and news articles this time. This year marked the 50th anniversary since the Wyoming School for the Deaf was started, so of course, there is a lot of history and news. A lot of the history, I just only recently learned in June when I attended the reunion.

And in other news... I did download the cochlear implant surgical procedure from the OR-Live.com podcast on iTunes (it's available for download for FREE) a while back. After the last visit with Jo, I told her I would try to put the hour long video onto a CD for the library. So yesterday, I was able to burn the entire thing onto a single disc. Stopped by the deaf school library and gave the disc to Jo. She tested it out on her computer, to see if it would work (you'd need to have the latest version of Quicktime for this file to work, since it's m4v format). She had to upgrade her Quicktime, but she got it working. She started watching it, but it was just too quiet and she couldn't really hear anything. But she's happy to have a copy for the library. It's for educational purposes, so why shouldn't there be a copy for the library?

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I believe that the deaf can hear in a million and one ways. But only few people know this truth.

As Bishop Ajayi Crowther said:
"Only the best is good enough for us."

Cheers aand God bless.