Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you have beans?

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this the other day!

On Monday, I had gotten home from work, and just closed the door to the garage behind me. My mom was sitting in her recliner, and she greeted me. As I turned and started heading towards the kitchen to put my keys away, I could have swore I heard her ask me "do you have beans?" Say what?! I turned around and gave her a weird look. "What'd you say?" "I said, 'Do you love me?" Oohh, so that's what she said. I then proceeded to tell her what I thought she had said, and she laughed.

Just last September, when we were talking of going to Denver for my cochlear implant evaluation, my stepfather was talking about the Broncos game that we would be attending. He said "the tickets should be arriving in the mail soon." I thought he said "the CHICKEN will be arrive in the mail soon." I was even facing him and lipreading him when he said this. But, chicken and tickets do look similar enough on the lips.

I'm sure there have been other goofy mistunderstandings, but I can't remember them all right now.


Abbie said...

LOL! I was at a yankees game one time and I forget what my friend actually said to me but I thought she said "turnip boat" :)

Grendel said...

Good thing you didn't initially respond to your mom (unless you happened to have lots of beans)!

But when it comes to chicken and mail, I had the reverse happen to me: I spent nearly an hour trying to convince the postmaster at our local post office that my shipment of 1 day old chicks sent overnight from a breeder had in fact arrived. He kept insisting that no, I needed to check with my bank and return in a couple of days. I thought, how much could the shipping possibly cost? He was completely baffled when I told him I could HEAR them, and I couldn't possibly leave without them. Each time I mentioned a box of chicks, he thought I was saying "box of checks." There was a big ahah moment for both of us when we figured that one out.

Beth (Li-Li's Mom)