Friday, March 21, 2008


Seems like everyone is all for the ideas of the new Naida hearing aid instead of the cochlear implant. I know my mom is all for it, she hated the idea of my implanting the right ear if the left ear was undoable. I think the rest of my family felt the same way, not liking the idea of implanting my "good" ear. And they really like what Naida has to offer. Even my good friend, who is also deaf herself, is impressed with the new hearing aid.

I really can't wait until Thursday comes along, so I can speak with my audiologist about the Naida, and find out the cost. Would be nice to get Naida before we take off for North Carolina next month, but we'll see.


Abbie said...

I got my fingers crossed!

Julian said...
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Julian said...

I did have a cochlear implant in my "good" ear and never looked back since. With the implant I can listen to music, sing along with music, do telephone and cellphone calls and have an excellent speech recognition. I only experience deafness when not wearing my speech processor. I am trying the Naida V on my weaker ear, but I won't recommend hearing aids above an implant. The Naida however give excellent recognizable background sounds. The speech recognition is horrible and impossible to understand without lipreading. You must remember hearing aids still have to send the sound through your cochlea, but the implant bypass the cochlea and do the thing on it's own. If you have the funds, do not hesitate to go for the implant. It took me only 3 months to get used to the different type of sound.From Emmeline using Julian's pc