Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's official

At this time, I've decided I will NOT do a cochlear implant in the right ear. Ever since looking into the new hearing aid on Phonak's website last night, my mind's been keeping busy by thinking. Right now, I feel like there's enough hearing in the right ear, I can get by with just a hearing aid. But I do want to know for sure if there's any possibility of implanting the left ear. Only way to find out, is to get those CAT scans done. I would implant the left ear if it's possible; hearing aids have not been of any help in the left ear for so long. It may be that it's not possible to do the left ear, but I need to find out for sure. But I don't want to mess with my right ear.

Right now, with the Supero, I do miss out a bit, missing some of the speech sounds and such. But usually, the visual support helps to fill in the blanks. Just from what I read of the new Naida from Phonak, perhaps that hearing aid will help with those "blanks" a bit, with SoundRecover. There's also WindBlock, and a feedback control feature, Real Ear Sound, etc. There's all sorts of new features on the new hearing aids out today. In a way, the Naida has a few similar features as a cochlear implant does, but it's still a hearing aid too. No surgery, no frequent travels to Denver for the process... unless the left ear is implantable, then that's ok. But for the right ear, I'll stick with hearing aids, and keep a watch on new techology as they come along. I'm sure I'll benefit greatly from a cochlear implant some day. But I'll only consider the implant for my right ear if it ever gets to the point where hearing aids are of absolute no benefit at all. Until then, I'll be happy with powerful high tech digital hearing aids in the right ear.

Next Thursday, I'll see my audiologist and give him the print offs I have of the Naida hearing aid. And have him find out about how much it'll cost. Yes, hearing aids can be expensive, but it's manageable. Already I have over $500 in my savings, which I was saving for a new computer. But I don't mind using my savings to pay for a hearing aid, and my family will help out however they can too. A computer I can get later. I'm also almost done paying off the bank loan on my car, so that will help too. Oh right, I'm still going to need a bit over $300 just for the CAT scans. I need to know if it's possible to get any use out of the left ear with an implant.

I'm not completely giving up on the cochlear implant. If we can implant the left ear, I'll go for it, and work with the organizations I'm in contact with on getting the funding for it. If we can't, I'll just hold off, worry about a cochlear implant later on if the hearing in the right ear should ever worsen.


Abbie said...

Why don't you see if DVR will pay for the hearing aid? Put a spin on it that you a better hearing aid would help you find a job that could hopefully lead to insurance.

CDM said...

They've paid for the Supero hearing aid. And my file has been "closed" for a while as I am not in need of their services (if I was to do college again, I'd have to pay for it myself as I've dropped out every time DVR paid and it's too late for them to get a refund)... and with my job, I'm not concerned with finding a new more full-time job right now. And they normally buy only 1 pair of hearing aids per clients, don't they? I think thats how it is with our DVR.. even though I only wear one. ah I don't know. I don't want to deal with DVR again though, they haven't always been very helpful.