Monday, May 5, 2008

No captions?

Last Thursday night, I sat down to watch Smallville and Supernatural. Normally, both of these shows are captioned, as always. But last week, there were no captionings at all whatsoever. And it's the same with other shows on the CW network. At first, I thought it was all of CW in general. But after making a post on and finding out that the shows have captions in other cities, oh great so it's a local thing! I was highly disappointed last week to see no captions for my favorite programs.
Anyway, last night, I did some quick google search, and discovered that WyoMedia owns the local CW network. So I typed up a letter to send to them, complaining about the lack of captions on their station. There have always been captions on the CW/WB channel before, so I don't know why all of a sudden there wasn't any last week. Hopefully I'll get a response of some sort, and that WyoMedia resolves the captioning issue for the CW network. If it continues that there are no captions on the CW channel, I will not be happy. There are some programs that I enjoy on that channel, especially Supernatural. I want to be able to watch my programs, and understand what is going on with the captions!


Michelle D said...

I watched those two shows last week with closed captions - no problem at all! It may be from you cable company that has the problem. Check it out with them, also.
Good luck!

Abbie said...

Same here, I have comcast and I had no problem watching it. Michelle is right that it is probably the cable company.