Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I emailed the person who is in charge of lining up interpreters and any other assistance one might need when taking classes at the college, informing him I was registering for a couple of community classes and would like to have an interpreter. His response? "You should contact (insert 2 names)!" Um, say what? So then I emailed another interpreter and told her of what was going on, and she got back to me, saying she had spoken with another interpreter. They both told me I did the right thing by emailing the college person, and that the one interpreter was confused over his response to me. Today, I got another email from the college person, and finally an interpreter is being lined up. I do have to sign a contract, and had to confirm which courses I was taking for him. Not a problem. I'm registering for Dog Obedience (my dog Bryan, boy he could really learn some manners!) and Introduction to Digital Photography. Now, I'm sure I'd fly through the photography class with no problems, but I thought it'd be fun to take. Gives me something to do on Sundays for about a month or so. And the dog obedience, that should be an interesting experience.

Still waiting to hear about medicaid. Since I did qualify for SSI, I should be able to get medicaid. But as to whether or not medicaid will cover cochlear implants, I don't know yet but I'll find out somehow. Seems like the auditory rehab is already taken cared of for whenever I do get the implant. Excellent! I am quite anxious to get things rolling, but of course, I have to be patient, and wait to get all the information in the mail and whatnot.

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