Saturday, August 22, 2009


Email of the day: I have interpreters lined up for the community classes I'm taking at the college. Excellent! One will interpret the dog obedience classes, starting on Tuesday. She's interpreted for me before from 9th grade up, even for some college courses and such. She's an awesome person and I really like her. I'll have a different interpreter for the photography classes on Sundays starting Sept. 20th. Also another great interpreter too. And the college is paying for the interpreters as well. Perfect.

Mail of the day: I got my medicaid card. I wasn't expecting to see it so quickly. Just yesterday I got a letter from the DFS office stating that I am eligible for Medicaid, and then today the card arrived. Whoa. Already I've emailed Rocky Mountain Ear Center to inform them I just got the card, and of what I should do next.

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