Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wyoming Equalitycare

So I did some browsing around last night. I explored the Wyoming EqualityCare website so I could get a good idea of what I can use my card for in terms of medical/health care. Good for 1 preventive/cleaning dental visit, few cavity treatments, any tooth extractions, in patient and out patient hospital visits, some eye care stuff, up to 20 therapy sessions will be covered, etc. I also found the Rocky Mountain Ear Center, Dr. Kelsall and the audiologist Allison all in the list of providers on the website as well, so that's good to know.

Then I tried to see if I could find out anything about Wyoming Medicaid and cochlear implant coverage. This is what I found:
Wyoming Medicaid

Wyoming provides Medicaid benefits for cochlear implant services under its EqualityCare program according to FDA indications. Adults must be post-lingually deafened. Children may be pre-lingually deafened but must be over 12 months old. Coverage is limited to a one-processor system.

Interesting. Of course, I have no idea how old this information is, but it still is a bit of information. I am still going to work on finding out absolutely for sure though on what Medicaid/EqualityCare covers when it comes to cochlear implants.

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