Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of Fall 2013 semester

First day of classes at the college for the fall semester was today.  All weekend, I fussed with my netbook, getting it all up to date, getting internet security going, charging up all my electronics (the RevoLabs mic, FM transmitter, batteries for the Neptune, etc.), and finding the Phonak FM receiver as it wasn't attached to the Neptune control (I took it off for the summer, stuck it in a hearing aid case and stored it with my CI accessories storage, and ended up not using the Neptune much anyway).  Took a while before I finally was able to get Skype installed on the Netbook, oy.  But I eventually got everything working as it should be.

My Sonic Boom alarm clock went off at 8:30 this morning, shaking my bed and causing my dog to jump all over me.  I got up and going, and made my way to the college campus by 9:45ish.  Math went smoothly since I already was used to the redesign course and knew what was expected; English wasn't too bad. Turns out I was supposed to have taken the blue network cable with me last semester for my wired network connection for the Skype/captioning set up.... Oops.  So the disabilities counselor went and got the cord for me.  Now I know to take the cord with me at the end of class each time.  The microphone kept cutting in and out, so the transcriber wasn't able to caption everything.  Augh!  Don't know if it was because the mic was possibly not fully charged (even though I charged it up over the weekend) or what was up.  But hopefully all the kinks will get worked out.  I didn't even use my FM set up today, as I was messing with the Netbook set up, conversing with the transcriber on Skype every now and then when an issue came up.  But, today was a much better first day than last semester.  I ended up in tears on the first day in January when I couldn't get anything to work with the captioning set up then, oh man.

After my classes were done with for the morning, I headed over to the Gateway building to get my financial aid, and also to get my student ID.  I've already checked in with my 2 online classes over the weekend, and good thing I did.  Turns out I only needed just one text book for the government class (the 2nd book is used for the course taught on campus, but for online we're to use online government sites instead), so I'll be returning the unneeded book.  And it took me a while to figure out everything for the online human anatomy class. Since I got the used text book, I didn't get a registration code of the online lab, so I had to purchase that separately online.  Ahh, if it isn't one thing, it's something else.  :)

But overall, wasn't too bad for a first day.

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