Thursday, August 22, 2013

More sounds

It was last week when I finally figured out what that sound was that I kept hearing every so often at work but couldn't figure out what it was!  I heard the sound again, and I looked around, as usual, to see if I could find the source.  There was an employee at the front, stapling paper bags together!  I watched her while she stapled, and that was indeed the sound I was hearing.  I was glad to have finally figured out the sound.  Now when I hear it, I know what it is and I can ignore it, instead of trying to identify the sound!  I mentioned this on my facebook that same day, and it was the next day at the deaf school library that my old teacher from the deaf school days decided to tease me and she used a stapler and stapled at nothing right next to my ear.  Of course, this stapler in the library had a different sound; the one at the newspaper had more of a metallic sound.  But it was still funny anyway.  The former teacher asked if I remember all the listening practice we had done during the deaf school days, which I did.  Don't recall having to listen for a stapler in those days though... :)  She also asked if I would consider doing auditory training with a professional with Medicare covering it.  I had thought of it here and there, but who?  And with school coming up again, in addition to work, I'll have a full enough schedule as it is, so I will continue to do the auditory rehab with my iPad and laptop, and while out and about in general, on my own time.  I haven't done much rehab with the ipad or computer over the summer, but I have been trying to pay more attention to the TV, trying not to rely so much on the captionings just to see if I can make sense of anything.  I can make sense of bits and pieces here and there without the captioning.

On Saturday, I was over at my mom and stepdad's house, hanging out.  They decided to throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill for dinner that evening, so I was helping mom kind of prepare for it.  At one point during the evening, mom and I were in the kitchen. She came up to me, and whispered into my CI ear.  I heard what she said, but thought it'd be funny to mess with her. "What? I didn't hear that?"  I just wanted her to do it again.  She whispered "I love you" into my CI ear 3 times in those few minutes.  Nice to hear!  I also heard the crickets outside while we were hanging out in the back yard at the table.  I had my hearing aid on at the time when I heard the sound, so I turned it off to see if I could hear the crickets with the CI.  I could.  That was cool.  My nephew also asked what the sound was too, which was kind of funny.

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