Monday, August 19, 2013

Hear on the Range!

Last Friday was the Hear on the Range 5K run/walk for the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund.  It was a great evening, with over 360 registrations!  Sure was fun walking along the path, seeing all the lights glowing off the participants.  Props to Justin Osmond and the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund, and Wyoming Hands and Voices, for arranging this event!  A local boy received new hearing aids thanks to the Fund, and hopefully he's hearing more now with more powerful hearing aids.  His dad was telling me his old hearing aids just were not powerful enough anymore and that he was struggling, and the family couldn't afford to get him new hearing aids at this time. So awesome this fund was available to help him get the new hearing aids he needed. 

Anyway, Friday was a great day! Not only was the 5K run happening, but the Wyoming Relay also arrange for a free open caption movie showing at a local movie theater as well.  The movie shown was "See the Crowd Roar" about William "Dummy" Hoy, and copies of the DVDs were passed out to those who came to see the movie.  The movie was at 4, and registrations for the 5K started at about 6:30.  They had family fun going on, with bounce houses and face painting for kids.  Then at 8:30, the walk/run started!  I actually walked the full 5K, even though my feet were already hurting before the walk/run started.  But I did it!

On Thursday, when I got done with work, I went over to the deaf school library just for the heck of it.  The Wyoming Hands and Voices board meeting was going on, and Justin Osmond showed up at this time so he could talk more of the run and the hearing fund.  I was invited to sit in to listen to what he had to say.  Very interesting stuff.  He is very motivated and involved, raising runds for hearing aids or FM systems for those who need them but can't afford them, and also just to spread deaf awareness out there.  He's a very neat and interesting person, and now that I know what this program is all about, I'm all for supporting it.

Here is Justin being interviewed by KTWO News about the event:

and here's the video showing what Justin and the Hearing Fund has done, with a song written by Nathan Osmond special for this:

And some photos from the event that I took:

 Setting up for the 5K

 Justin Osmond in a tree
 the movie that was passed out, courtesy of Wyoming Relay
 a shirt I bought for a nephew.  Very fitting!
 ready to go!

 Justin speaking and doing a raffle
got my photo with Justin at the very end, after clean up.
It sounds like the Hear on the Range 5K will be a yearly event, which would be fantastic!
More info about the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund:,!/HearingFund

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