Monday, October 27, 2014

Denver Deaf Expo!

Went to the Deaf Expo in Denver on Saturday with a friend, and I had a great time! There were a variety of booths, demonstrating different technologies, selling a variety of items, and sharing information. Matt "The Hammer" Hammill had a booth of his own as well, selling and autographing his merchandise and doing photos with fans. Friend and I had fun wandering around and checking things out. There were various presentations going on. Purple and Sorensen gave away prizes to winners ( they did various games/contests for the prizes, and Purple really put on a great show with their games! Lots of laughs and entertainment from the Purple crew! One game consisted of contestants wrapping the Purple assistants in toilet paper and I was glad I didn't volunteer for that with my recent vertigo episode). I got my picture taken with The Hammer and bought a couple of things at the Expo.  Now to incorporate this experience into my dead socials paper at the end of the semester for ASL class....

I really had a great time and am glad I went! Friend and I had a nice road trip, and a nice lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory with an ASL teacher and 2 ASL students that made the trek down for the Expo. Good times!

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