Monday, October 27, 2014

Vertigo is no fun!

Thursday morning, I got up and was about when I had a small sneezing fit. Shortly after that, I started to feel light headed and wondered what was going on, and hoped it would pass soon enough. I kept drinking my juice, hoping it would help. Nope, soon enough I was dizzy. I got dizzy enough to the point that I was steady on my feet anymore, and at times it felt like the room was spinning. Aw man!  I had to text my boss and let her know I probably wouldn't make it to work if the dizziness didn't let up. I went back to bed and slept some more. Still ultra dizzy when I got up again later. Basically, as long as I stayed still, I was ok. Texted myom so she knew what was happening. She called Kelsall's office and texted back with an email address for me. I emailed Kelsall's assistant and told her what was going on. Soon enough the office called in a couple of prescriptions to the local Walgreens that I use. Mom got the prescriptions for me. I started taking them, and just took it easy while camping out on my recliner once again. As each day pAssed, I felt better and better! Glad it was a short enough spell, it certainly wasn't any fun to deal with.

Am currently back in Denver today. Will be activated tomorrow first thing in the morning, then see Kelsall for the post op. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow!

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