Monday, October 20, 2014

Tea kettle, BEGONE!

Seriously, is there a tea kettle in my ear now?  That's all I seem to hear lately out of the right ear, a tea kettle whistling.  It's just tinnitus, but it's quite annoying!  24/7, it's random ringing or whistling.

Recovery still going ok.  Mostly just taking ibuprofen for pain, and have use an ice pack a few times to try to help with the pain too.  Still camping out on my recliner at home.

Did my first post-op sneezes a couple nights ago, and that was no fun.  3 sneezes at first, followed by 2 more.  Auugghh!  Allergies are horrible, seriously.  Still haven't blown my nose yet though, so that's good.  I remember when I first tried blowing my nose after the first CI surgery, and feeling a pop sensation.  Yeah, don't want to experience that again.

Got the iPod with me at work, in hopes that the music will keep my mind occupied and I won't focus so much on the tinnitus whistling sounds.  Right now it's a combination of music from the iPod and ringing/whistling.  Weird.   One more week, and the new CI will be activated and I will have the Naida CI processors!  And the stitches will be gone!

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