Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Naida ramblings

Called the audiologist's office again, and "spoke" with the assistant (I used the i711 internet relay to make the call, as usual), as I had some questions I completely forgot to ask on Friday.

I will have to pay for the hearing aid and remote on the 25th, before I leave the office, and try out the Naida for 45 days. If I don't like it, I can always return it and get the money back. And, the mypilot remote is only $250, which is a lot less than the $400 estimate. Wow. So I'll need a total of $2,145.

Have another relative that wants to help pay for the hearing aid too. She had some money set aside in a savings, and decided she wanted to put that money to good use. Wow, several family members are going to be owning a piece of my ear! I wonder which part I'll own.. hm! My family really does so much for me, it's great. I really wasn't expecting all this help with paying for the hearing aid.

Speaking of Naida prices... I saw a post from a parent on the AllDeaf.com forums. He's down in Texas, and has a deaf daughter that is getting her first hearing aid. An audiologist recommended the Unitron Element 8 or the Phonak Naida, with the Element costing $1,850 and the Nadia costing $3,000 for just ONE. Whaaaaaat?! $3000 for ONE Naida hearing aid? Wow. Now, if the audiologist was also throwing in the remote and FM system and whatnot, then that price is more reasonable. But for just 1 hearing aid alone? Wow. I was shocked to see the price difference.


Abbie said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy that you are going to get to try out a new aid :) Is it a super power one?

By the way, Audiologist are in the business of making money and unfortunately they jack up the prices so high.

Anonymous said...

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CDM said...

I hate when audiologists jack up the prices. My audiologist knows I don't have much money, so I think he keeps that in mind when working with me. But still though, $3,000 for a single digital hearing aid? That's just ridiculous!

JennyB said...

I paid $3,470 each for my last set of aids (Phonak Savia Arts) I agree, it's stupidly expensive!

Glad that the Naidas are cheaper!