Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We were just wandering the mall in Wilmington, NC, when this gentleman
came up next to me and my mom, wanting to see my hearing aid. We got to
talking a litle bit. He's been deaf all his life, and has tried just
about everything minus cochlear implants. He has a bone conductor sort
of hearing aid. He even took his off and placed it on behind my ears,
and holy crap! For the first time ever, I heard a little bit on the left
side ever since becoming deaf. Wow. My mom was talking, I was watching
her talk. I didn't hear all the words she said, but I actually heard a
little bit. It was pretty amazing. The 3 of us chatted a bit more, and
even exchanged addresses.

Hmm, I'll have to mention this to my audiologist on Friday, see what he
says hearing aids have never worked for the left ear for as long as I
cam remember, so I'm surprised I could hear something with the bone
conductor device. Hm, maybe there is hope yet.

He was a very interesting person, a sweet gentleman. I didn't think he
would even suggest that I try his bone conductor. It was all his idea,
and he took it right off and went behind me, placing it on me. It was a
neat experience, for sure. Felt a lot of vibrations from the noise all
around, and heard my mom a bit. Even mom was excited.
--Meghan via the sidekick 3

Sweet dreams beautiful baby.
Sweet dreams Aiden Ryder Betts.

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