Monday, April 21, 2008

Some vacation

Some vacation this has been. Last Tuesday, my mom, step dad and I flew out of Denver into Raleigh, NC. Then we rented a car and made it to our beach cottage in Surf City. Wednesday, we find out my sister has been checked into the hospital, as she was in labor. All day we were anxious, waiting for the baby to be born. They ended up having to do an emergency c-section (the whole day of labor was very normal and going very smoothly, the baby had a very strong and steady heart rate up until the last few minutes). Baby got taken out, doctors fought to keep his heart going, but he didn't survive. Very bad night for all of us. We're still getting through this, moving on with life. (Sweet dreams Aiden Ryder Betts)

Pretty much the whole time we've been out here, I've been having difficulties hearing, making sense of what is being said. I have been lipreading but that doesn't always help. I know part of my not being able to hear for a while was due to the shock of what happened with my sister's baby. Perhaps the humidity in the air also has had some affect? I have no idea. In Wyoming, the air is very very dry, but out here it's humid. Have been using the dry-aid canister (the drying crystals) every night. Definitely very difficult to hear speech when out at the beach, since I hear more of the waves and the wind than anything else. But when indoors, sometimes it's other sounds I hear. I can hear some speech sounds, but not all, and it's just been insane for me to try to keep up with conversations going on.

But this Friday, I should have the new Naida hearing aid. I am anxiously looking forward to getting the new hearing aid, and trying it out.

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