Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sorry what'd you say?

Geesh I wish my mom didn't get grumpy with me if I didn't hear what she
said. We're on vacation in North Carolina, its humid here and the
humidty does get to my hearing aid. And when in stores and restaurants,
I do turn to the noise adapt setting on the hearing aid so the
background noise is much more quiet, but then the stuff I do want to
hear is also more quiet and more difficult to hear and understand.

20 years I've been deaf, and here's mom getting frustrated with my not
being able to hear. Give me a break, I can't help it, but there's no
need to give up after the first 'what?' and say "nevermind!" with that
irritable look and tone. If she really wanted for me to understand what
she's saying, she could make more of an effort to look directly at me,
or get my attention instead of trying to tell me when I'm not looking.
You'd think shed know better, after having to deal with this for 20
years, but apparently she doesn't today. Oy!
--Meghan via Sidekick 3


mishkazena said...

Why don't you think about showing your mom this post? Maybe then she will get a better idea of how her actions affect you.

Steve said...

Famous hearing people would say this! Never mind.........never mind........never mind....ASL never say never mind! ;)

Nikki said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog (happened upon it while searching HATIS on google) and I like what you have to say so I hope you don't mind me chiming in on the comments section. Oh, and yes, I am hoh (right ear is pretty much gone, don't bother with an aid and the left ear I have an aid in).
I know EXACTLY what you mean. It drives me batty when someone says something that I didn't hear and then has the nerve to tell me 'nevermind'. My husband did that for the first year or so we were together. I finally sat him down and said the following: "It doesn't matter how trivial, insignificant or sarcastic your comment was. I really need to know what you said. It only takes an extra second or two to look at me and repeat what you said. Why can't you do that for me? All I'm asking for is a little patience and consideration. You don't know what it feels like for people to constantly tell you 'nevermind'. It's very hurtful."
After that, he really made the effort to make sure he was looking at me, got my attention first or repeated what he had said. You should try it sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.