Saturday, January 17, 2004

CI presenter

Went to Star Lane. Good of the order a snooze. Chelsea came (deaf lady who gotten an implant at age 16 but wasn't successful). So Jo and I snuck out of good of the order early. Three of us chatted a bit. Then went into Vlasto's room. I sat at the table eating my lunch. Soon enough the seniors were in the room and Chelsea was sharing her story in ASL while Jo voiced for her. She lost her hearing to meningitis at 8 months! I never knew she had meningitis too! WHOA! but yeah. It was interesting, what she told us. Really interesting. Then she left to go to work. Rest of us prepared for the presentation on Tuesday, getting everything planned out and figured out who was doing what part. I start the presentation, and I'm also going to talk a little on hearing aids so people know there IS a difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants. I don't think I'd even need any.. cheat sheets or anything! I mean, when I started the presentation, it's just the intro (Hi welcome to our presentation blah blah blah), and then I go off talking about myself... like how I became deaf, what hearing loss I have, etc. Then others do their parts, then I get to hearing aids. And I've done a speech on hearing aids in 9th grade! and yeah, I'm gonna explain how things sound with a hearing aid and that sort of thing. We got the plan set, then got to work on the visuals. Thursday night I spent like 2 hours gathering up all sorts of pics off the net and putting EVERYTHING I had onto a CD-RW. At Star Lane, I put all of the pics from my CD onto the sharefolder on the network so all the seniors can take whatever pics they wanna use for their part.

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