Tuesday, January 6, 2004

ci stuff for school

We weren't to get into a group until 1:35, so I went into Mr. V's room. There were questions on the board from the morning group so I answered all but 2.... yeah I think.... and answered some from the group. then went to Mrs. Leotta's room and yeah. more discussions, and again more of me jumping in! I went to www.cochlear.com, the Cochlear Inc. website, maker of the Nucleus implants, and found an animation that demonstrated and explained how the ear works. We went through that, had a small break, then started looking at how a cochlear implant worked. Then it was time to go. Chatted with Mrs. Leotta a bit, then left. Stopped by the deaf school and with the help of Ruth, we found Tom the audiologist. I talked to him a bit, and he said he'd call Star Lane within the next few days to leave a message to inform me of when he'd go over to Star Lane to talk of the ear, show a model of the ear and all, etc. yeah. good afternoon!

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