Monday, January 5, 2004

starting the CI problem at school

we're FINALLY doing MY cochlear implant problem at Star Lane! YEAH BABY! about time too! Man you have no idea how much I wanted to do that problem! When chatting with Ruth, Darla came over and told me we were doing the problem at Star Lane, and I was like OOOO better go home and find my CI notebook!

good of the order was okay.... then we were split up into new tutor groups. Seniors have been divided into half so we have 2 senior groups. fine with me, I think it'll be better this way. HAAA and I didn't even do any research cause I had it all right in front of me! WEEE. and I was actually sorta jumping in here and there during discussion.... like clarifying some stuff and yeah.

Mr. V has snagged me for tomorrow after good of the order so his seniors can ask me questions cause I think they were gonna build a case or whatever...? I dunno.

Also put together a list of sources that ALL senior tutor groups could use for info and whatnot. yeah.

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