Tuesday, January 13, 2004

ear presentation

Went to Star Lane BEFORE 9 today! and arrived before 9 too! and Tom the audiologist had BEAT me! Anyway.... I informed both senior groups that he was here. Then Vlasto's group migrated on over to Hollis' room. Tom brought his ear model and poster into the room and sat at the table. Went on talking of how the ear worked and all. Showed off the different parts of the ear. Answered a bunch of questions.
After he was done talking and the seniors went for a break, I talked to Tom a bit, as I wanted to understand more of how meningitis could cause ossification in the cochlea. I sort of understand it now. Yeah. asked him some other stuff too, we talked a bit more. He left, I hung around. Went home for lunch, and checked Email. ANGELA responded to my reply to her. I gave her directions of how to get to Star Lane along with an attachment of a map with 2 different possible routes highlighted.
Had lunch heated up (left over macaroni with cream of mushroom soup, tuna and peas). Grabbed caffeine free Dr Pepper, covered my lunch bowl and went back to Star Lane. Jo was already there. Ate my lunch during good of the order blah blah. Jo told me of her mom's funeral, and of how Jo DROVE her mother's casket to Nebraska for burial! Yeah. Then we go into Vlastos room after good of the order (turns out both afternoon senior groups are now 1 once again). Vlastos read off the drafts (like 5 different drafts from different students). A little bit of discussion. We go out for a break. Then journaling. I didn't write in my journal nor did I even have my journal with me. Just a bunch of metaphor junk and I was just coming up with absolutely NOTHING! yeah.

Tom's at Star Lane tomorrow afternoon WEEEEE! and then Angela will be the visiting guest speaker on Thursday afternoon. WHOO HOO! Angela has an implant herself (implanted in late May, turned on in like very eary July). Angela is a neat person and I'm happy that she's willing to talk to us and share her experiences. WEEEEE!

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