Wednesday, January 14, 2004

ci stuff for school

went to Star Lane. Good of the order was a snooze. Informed Jo that Angela will be at the deaf school at around 12:15 tomorrow so that Jo can drive her over to Star Lane. Then break (after tiny discussion of the 3 different implant brands). Then Tom talked of the ear, audiogram, blah blah blah blah. This time I took notes (2 1/2 pages! lol). Tom left, another break. Got together again and we discussed the presentation. Basically I'm gonna start the presentation, talking of how I became deaf and of wanting the implant and whatnot. Then I'll jump out of the presentation and just help with the visuals. We're gonna try to make this presentation a bit different from previous presentations we've done. Like add in a little roleplaying or whatever, you know? And I'm gonna throw together a simple webpage with graphics and whatnot for the presentation.
after everyone left for home, Jo and I chatted with Mr. V some more. blah blah blah blah ya know! lmao yeah. And Mr. V is planning to video tape this presentation. I was like YEAH! I would like to have a copy of that tape!

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