Friday, March 13, 2009

Insurance update

I understand that you are interested in the Wyoming Health Insurance Pool coverage and are wanting to find out if a cochlear implant would be covered. Pre-existing conditions are not covered in the first 12 months unless you have had previous insurace within the last 90 days. If you meet the low income requirements and qualify for the coverage, the cost for the plan would probably be either $368.20 or $504.20 per month, depending on the plan you choose. After you have been on the coverage for 12 months, a precertification would have to be done in order to deterime if this specific procedure would be covered.

There is just no way I can afford the $368 plan. That is like one entire paycheck, and there is just no way I can get by the rest of month with the 2nd paycheck alone to pay all my bills and car insurance, oh no. That's just not possible for me. Maybe if I had another part time job, MAYBE. But I haven't had any luck of finding a part time job that will be flexible enough with my current work schedule and such, and be willing to accomodate my deafness (no phones, not having to deal with customers, noise-free or as little noise as possible, etc.).

Looks like the CNI CI Assistance Program and fundraising is my best bet right now, that is if the CNI does accept my application. I shall be proceeding with the CT scans, new hearing test and whatever else needs to be done so I can apply to the program.

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