Thursday, March 19, 2009

Progress updates

Oh I finally got a response back from the woman at the Gift of Hearing Foundation. Updated her on my going ons and that sort of thing. She's glad to hear I'm going to Dr. Kelsall for the process, as he's the one who set up the CNI Cochlear Implant Assistance Program, and she says she'll even contact someone at the CNI about me and find out what the total costs would be if they donated the implant and such. Would be helpful to know the actual costs, and figure out how to get all that paid.

I was in the chatroom tonight at (this is Advanced Bionics support forums), and one of the Advanced Bionics audiologists was in there. She informed me she had some info on funding resources or something like that, and that she'll send the information to me tomorrow. She's also going to see if she can get me in contact with cochlear implant users (probably in the Denver area) that have gone through the Rocky Mountain Ear Center and Dr. Kelsall, as I'd like to hear from them (I have a friend down in Cheyenne that's been through Dr. Kelsall and I've been meaning to get her email from a friend...). Just getting feedback from other users is always great, and would be even better if I can talk to others who have been to the same doctor/audiologist.

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