Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tinnitus moment

Oh! I forgot to mention this. The other day.. I forget when exactly.. But anyway, I was at home, just hanging out. The TV was on, but I also had my Acer Netbook out and running in front of me on my lap. Was just fooling around on Facebook like I often do in the evenings. All of a sudden, my hearing aid started feedbacking, or so I thought. I messed with the earmold in my hearing aid to get rid of the feedbacking. That didn't do the trick. So then I just turned off my hearing aid and took it off so I could look at it closely, see if there were any holes in the tubing... But, the feedbacking sound continued. Oh, it's not my hearing aid, it's all in my head! Was really strange, I have never heard the hearing aid feedbacking kind of tinnitus before. It only lasted a few seconds and it was gone. But it sure did get pretty loud. Normally tinnitus sounds like buzzing or ringing, or even sirens for me. But at the moment, it sound exactly like my hearing aid feedbacking.


jelly said...

That's never fun :-(

Anonymous said...

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