Friday, March 13, 2009


Got a response from Rocky Mountain Ear Center today!

Hi Meghan,

I have received your medical records. Dr. Kelsall said that he would see you at no charge after you get your ct scan. When you decide where you will get your scan and decide how you will pay them, please let me know and I will fax ct scan order to them.

Thank you,


That's awesome. So now, I'll probably call the imaging center again, verify the costs, then work on saving up the money for the CT scans. I just sold another item from my store, so I've made quite a few sales in the last 3 weeks or so, which is awesome. Mostly it's the DS games and DVDs that are going, but hey that's great! That's a little money going into my bank account.

I also stopped by the local BCBS Insunrance office, and talked with the receptionist about my phone call predicament. I left her my email address and she'll give it to the person who was researching coverage plans that covers the cochlear implant, so hopefully I'll hear from the representative soon enough.

Am still very slowly working things out, but I'm working on it! And I'll keep working on it.

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