Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More stuff

Leave it to me to forget stuff, ha. :)

I'd still rather have the left ear done though, just so there's sund
coming into that ear. If it takes a while to make sense of anything, so
be it, I'll work at it.

Now, just need to figure out insurance and such. He's surprised I'm not
on any medical assistance program of any sort from Wyoming already with
the very profound loss in the left and severe to profound in the right,
and encouraged me to check SSI again. Now, if we know of anyone that
could help walk me through the SSI steps, great. I'm not even going to
ask vocational rehab, again and again Amy has not been of any help. if I
could afford the $360+ a month for the BCBS Wyoming health insurance
pool, I would have definitely gone that route. But since I can't, will
definitely look into SSI some more. He says he'll be more than happy to
provide the proof of my deafness to them. He also says the CNI can get
the implant device donated, and he himself would charge me for his part
as the surgeon, and would work with the hospital on bringing their costs
down if I still can't get the insurance.

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