Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Todays appointments

We found Swedish Medical Center and managed to find a parking spot in
the garage. Went inside the building and made our way to Rocky Mountain
Ear Center. I checked in, signed some papers and waited. Soon enough,
Allison took me back for the hearing test. We talked a bit on the
insurance situation, yada yada. Did the hearing test. I did a lot better
this time than the last time, since I had ....Shane..... adjust the
hearing aid almost 2 years ago. But I'm still in the eligibility
criteria. Sentences I did ok with, as I guessed and whatnot. Single
words, though, not so well haha. And as always, no results for left ear.
We talked a bit more on insurance and ssi, and of the different
implants. Then I was done with her.

We went down to the cafeteria quickly, for a quick lunch. Got lost for a
bit but managed to make our wa back to the Ear Center. Another
audiologist checked my ears pressure, then I waited some more wit
grandma in a room. Nurse came in, answered some questions for her and
she did a few quick balance tests and such. Then waited for Dr.

Came in and recognized me! Took him a while to realize that it was my
grandma with me and not my mom. Shock! He said the cat scans of my ears
looked great! No ossifications or blockages or anything. That was a big
surprise. All these years, everyone has suspected thered be some
ossification in my cochleas, but there isn't any. Wow! Kelsall says we
could implant either ear. Right ear would definitely get the best
results quickly, the left year could take a long time to get any real
benefits. We also talked of the different devices too. He says he's seen
more internal device failures from Advanced Bionics, even nowadays, that
the fail rate is 1/100 where with Cochlear its 1/1000. Hm, makes you
think. Allison says Cochlear has a really good internal device, but the
external does tend to break, and Advanced Bionic's external device is

I'll have to do some serious thinking. I'm stil intriqued by the
Advanced Bionics evice, but will definitely contact both companies and
get feedback from them.

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