Friday, May 22, 2009


Had my appointment today to apply for SSI. I showed up, and sat while waiting for my name to be called. Of course, I never did hear my name being called, another woman thatw as also waiting asked me if I was Meghan, then told me I had been called. Oh! Made my way over to the desk and sat down. From there, the SSA person proceeded to ask various questions and getting information and stuff off his computer. Back and forth, questions and answers (and having him repeat what he said a few times as he was quiet and I had a hard time hearing. At one point, he had to turn the computer screen so I could see a doctor's name as I thought he was saying Dr. Grit or Grint or something when really it was Green). Gave him my hearing test results (copies, of course) to be included in the file and all that stuff. He said as long as I don't make over $980 a month, I could qualify. I'm at about $850 average on a monthly basis, as long as I don't actually work up to 29 hours a week (I was approved to work up to 29 hours a week in January, but I have never made it to the full 29 hours yet as I run out of things to do at work, so I average 25-26 hours per week). He says he'll get everything sent off to the Cheyenne office, and they'll make their decision within the next 60-90 days.

This past week, I was emailing a deaf friend who had been through the SSI process. Was nice to hear from her and get some feedback. Hopefully things will work out. I'm just not going to think too much about this, I'll just stay focused on other things, keeping busy.

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