Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm at work right now. Have been for a bit over an hour, which is unusual for me since I'm NEVER at work at this time. I don't normally get to work until after noon. But today, since I am leaving for Denver, I thought I'd come in earlier just to get everything taken cared of before I leave. Make things easy on my supervisor for while I'm gone so she doesn't have to do as much for me (she won't have to worry about calendars, they're all done through Thursday!). Still waiting on the rest of the public records, la de dah.

Funny, I forgot my iPod when I left the house this morning, oh well. While driving the dog to the vet, I had to listen to him whine and cry from the kennel in the back seat the entire way. Such a baby, he is. He does not like being in the kennel. But, the kennel is safer for him. And at work, I'm listing to everything going on around me. Computers, people typing, doors opening and closing, people walking by, the fan/air conditioner? Or maybe that's the computer fan I'm hearing. I can't tell. Normally, all these sounds are distracting for me, distracting me from my work. But today, not so much, probably because I'm still not fully awake.

While I'm waiting for the public records, I'm sitting here, lurking on a bit, and pondering. Is there anything I should ask Dr. Kelsall when I see him tomorrow? Hm. Then I remembered the incident from last year when we were in North Carolina, when we encountered this deaf gentleman with the bone conduction hearing aid. Would this little test be worth mentioning to Dr. Kelsall, how I did hear something with the bone conductor behind my left ear? I have no idea, but it couldn't hurt, right? I am still hoping the left ear can be implanted, that there is some hope of hearing something with the left ear. I've already printed off the April 22, 2008 "Whooaa..." entry from this blog to share with Dr. Kelsall. And I'll have paper with me in the car so I can write down any more notes or questions. I'll have my sidekick on me, so I can browse back through blog entries and see if that sparks any more thoughts that I should mention to Dr. Kelsall, etc. I'm also bringing the CNI Cochlear Implant Assistance Program application, and I'll probably be asking him about that as well, and if he knows of any other funding options I should consider. And possibly, Allison might have an idea of how I could deal with the local audiologist situation (my refusing to go back to scamming audiologist, etc.).

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Dave said...

Thinking of you and keeping ears crossed for you!