Sunday, May 31, 2009

WSD Archive Website

All right! I managed to find a version of CuteSite Builder to use to make the Wyoming School for the Deaf Archives website. I started the website oh 2 or so years ago, and for a while I did actually focus on it and work on it. But since then, I've seriously have gotten sidetracked, it's not even funny! But now, I'm getting back on track. Afterall, I did pay for the web domain and for the hosting (which I'll have to renew this coming November I believe...). Anyway, now that I have the site builder, well it'll be smoother and easier on me. Doing a website in full fledged HTML is time consuming, and well, my HTML knowledge isn't as good as it used to be. And there's also the fact that webpage design seems to be changing constantly, with XHTML, flash, java scripting, CSS and all that jazz. Say what? Um... pft how about I just use a site builder? Yeah. And with 1 GB USB jump drives, I could possibly save the entire site on 1 (the current site is saved on a 256mb jump drive with no more room for additional files).

So the current website will definitely be renovated. I'll even play around with the Coppermine gallery and change the layout for it. I may even create a youtube account specifically for this website, as I do have a bunch of footage of random events in relation to the Wyoming School for the Deaf. I'll attempt getting in contact with those who have attended the School for the Deaf and see if they have anything they want to contribute (info, articles, photos, etc.) and go from there. As for news articles, I have plenty! I'll double-check with the current Star Tribune editor and make sure it's ok I use their articles. I'm sure it'll be no problem, as long as I credit the Tribune, which is easy. Any articles that are already on the Star Tribune website, I just link to those. Anything older, I publish onto the website with a link to since the Tribune is the source.

Now if I can just remember the plan I originally had for this website. Well... I'm not even sure where the original jump drive is. Oh that's not good, I better find it! All of the photos are on it. Hopefully it's been in my desk drawer all this time, but only time will tell.

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