Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SSI stuff

I'm still amazed that there's no ossification at all in my cochleas. Still. I just can't get over the fact!

Anyway, I basically ramsacked the computer room downstairs looking for the SSI stuff that I had gotten in the mail a couple months back. I did fill out the disability report stuff at the Social Security website in February and sent it in, and they sent back a notice with an appointment time. Of course, then, I didn't take up on the appointment and had it canceled. But today, I got online and looked real quick for a phone number, then started up a i711 relay call online. The automated stuff took a while to get through, then finally the relay operator got a hold of a live representative, and went from there. Appointment has been set for May 22 at 12:45 p.m. to fill out an SSI application, to go over the disability report that I sent in, and to go over the stuff they are asking me to bring in. We'll see how this works out. I'm going to do as much research as I can, and try to find people that have been through the process so I can get feedback from them, so that I'm not all completely clueless of what I'm doing with the process.


RLM said...

You ought to turn down the SSI drawing since you have the enchancement of cochlear implant to help you hear.

Why should you draw the disability payment since yourself or your parent choose to de-disable you as a deaf person.

No matter if you are still deaf without the device.

Go out to the world and make the living out of your cochlear implant.

You could not have everything while you exploit your disability with CI.


thumpaflash said...


That was mean-spirited and a personal attack. So only the "culturally" or "pure" deaf qualify for SSI? You don't know enough about this person to know whether or not they really need SSI. Oftentimes, people with the CI are disciminated against in hiring practices just as much as those who are "pure" deaf. Get over yourself, you are starting to sound like Ridor a little bit.

Eddie "Thumpaflash"

sara said...

Gotta love drive-by comments from people who have never read a single blog entry by you before.

SSI. I went through the process before starting at NTID/RIT (at the school's suggestion). I was turned down since I was about to be a college freshman and seemed about like any college freshman, just a bit deafened.

For deaf people SSI is case-by-case. There is no "legally deaf". It seems like your biggest issue is being able to get some kind of health care so you can get a CI which will help you function and not need SSI.

I think VR would be more appropriate, but they are definitely sometimes impossible to work with.

If you are not very independent you might bring someone to the SSI interview with you to have them talk for you and that might help you qualify. It seems however, if you have to put in much effort to seem disabled then you won't qualify easily. Makes sense I guess. Does getting SSI lead to receiving Medicare? I guess it's worth a shot.

CDM said...

if I can get SSI, then I can get Medicare which could then help me get the implant. Only reason why I'm even bothering with SSI. And I've given up on VR ages ago. I highly doubt they'd open up my case just for SSI but who knows.

RLM, i DO NOT have the implant yet. I'm only going the SSI route for the medical benefits if it works out. I've actually been trying to avoid them for quite some time to tell you the truth, trying to make things for myself through my job (though it's only a part-time job). Please don't just post a comment with your assumptions when you truly do not know the situation, thanks.