Monday, February 16, 2009

CNI Assistance

I went back and looked over the application for the CNI CI Assistance Program, and for sure I would need to have all of the necessary testings to be deemed a candidate completed (hearing tests, CT scans, etc.) before I can even send in the application. And since it's been a year and half since I did the hearing tests at Rocky Mountain Ear Center, I don't know if I would need to redo the hearing tests or not, but I'll find out. The person I've been in contact with at RMEC keeps telling me to send in the application, then let her know of the result, but I can't as I need to get all the testing done. I don't know how much experience she has with the CNI's application process (Dr. Kelsall does, as he helped create the program). If only I could just get in direct contact with Dr. Kelsall. I'd contact the audiologist but I'm sure she's busy with other patients.

I'm sure all the testing will cost money, but I'll find the money to pay for them if I have to. I already have an estimated cost for the CT scans from when I made the relay call to the imaging center last year or so. I can always call them again and get a new estimate, just in case prices might have changed.

It's frustrating, trying to get all this figured out and trying to get on with the process. Hopefully we can get all this sorted out, and I can complete the testings to be deemed fully 100% a candidate (I was deemed a candidate just based off the hearing test results, but have not done any other testings yet). Then I can fill out the application, get all the paperwork necessary from the entire CI team, and send it all in. Then I would wait while the program went over the application and made their decision.

Right at this time, this method is the only possible method that could possibly work out and I could actually get the implant (that is, if the program accepts my application and will help me). If the program doesn't work out, then I'd work hard to find another solution, a way to pay for everything.

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