Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just lately I've really been thinking of the cochlear implant path, and of wanting to get back on it. I've contacted at least 3 different contacts about getting back on track. Contacted the CI Center in Denver to see if it's wise to get the CT scans done, that way the doctor can look over the scans, then help me fill out the paperwork for the CNI CI Assistance Program (the application would need like a letter from the doctor, audiologist, etc.). Makes sense, right? Then I can send in all the paperwork to the program, and get word back from them on if they'll help. I also contacted the person I had been in contact with about funding for any part of the process (if the program will for sure donate the implant, person can help me find funding to cover the hospital/surgery/etc. costs). I still have the relay call from when I called different local MRI/CT imaging centers about approximate costs and still have that information. I just filed my tax return, and should be making a bit more money now that I can work up to 29 hours a week. So I would think I could afford the CT scans more easily now. So why not get going with the process?

For now, I'll just play the waiting game, waiting to get responses. Then get the CT scans taken cared of, and have the doctor look at them and find out if there's any hope at all of implating the left ear. If there's no hope at all for the left, I would consider the right, even though I know Mom worries the procedure won't work and I may be left completely deaf for life. I'm aware of that risk. I do want to at least get the scans done, and go from there. Get things figured out.

When I temporarily left the CI path to try out Phonak's Naida, the CI idea never left my mind, ever.

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