Monday, February 9, 2009


Right on, I can see properly again! Yesterday, my mom and I had a girls day. We drove around, looked at a couple of houses (we're house hunting for my sister, as she and her husband [and little boy] will be moving back here in June), then headed over to Walgreens. Mom needed some random stuff from there. It was inside Walgreens when I realized my glasses were broken, again. The frame right around the lense broke. Same place as last year when it broke, except on the opposite side of the nose. Oh brother. Must be some weak frames or something. Went on the rest of the day without glasses on, which wasn't too bad. We went to the mall, had lunch and then saw "Marley and Me". Good movie, I enjoyed it! Good thing I read the book just in the last 2 weeks though, otherwise I wouldn't have understood it as well. Lately, I have been trying to read the books before seeing certain films (read the story before seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, read Marley and Me before seeing it, same with the Harry Potter series, etc... Films don't always follow the books 100%, but at least I get the general idea of what's going on whe I see the film in theater.. with the X Files movie, I read the book afterwards and it made a lot more sense to me!).

Am still figuring out how to go about getting back on the CI track. Got a response from someone at the CI center asking how I would be paying for the CT scans (out of pocket of course... when will I ever get insurance? Hm!). I'll just have to really save up some money. Perhaps part of my tax refund will be used to pay for the CT scans, who knows. For sure, part of that refund will be used to pay for new glasses (and to pay off the credit card bill... sorry Mom, HAD to use it!). I know I'll get enough money saved up though. Then we'll go from there I suppose. Get the scans sent off to the doctor in Denver, maybe someday make a trek down to Denver (I don't see this happening for quite a while though, unless I'm willing to pay over $100 to hop a bus to Denver and find some way to get around Denver... err confusing). Next month, mom and stepdad will be flying off to Ireland, then in April we may possibly be flying out to North Carolina (depending on what my sister decides). Then May, there's Mother's Day at the flower shop. June, sister and her family move back and we will surely be helping them with the move. I'll have to talk to them and see if something can be worked out though. I'm still too much a wuss to attempt driving down to Denver myself. If I could go with someone, and we had the GPS navigator, it'd be manageable.

Got my glasses fixed today, and will have a new pair ordered soon enough. I've had my current pair for a couple of years or so, and with two breaks by now, it's time for a new pair. My prescription (which I got last year after getting my eyes checked since I was extremely sensitive to lights) is good until 2010 so might as well get the new glasses. I definitelly needed to get the old pair fixed though, otherwise I would have struggled through work, skipping lines and messing things up, which would have been bad.


Wendi said...

Good luck with your CI journey! I was activated in August and have been following your blog for a while now. :)

As far as glasses, if you haven't gotten them already, I can highly recommend two online sites to get them really inexpensively. My whole family gets their glasses from these two places and we've never had any problems. We've saved many hundreds of dollars this way. (I'm not affiliated with them at all, btw)

One site is Zenni Optical, and the other is LBW Eyewear. If you do a search for them in Google the URLs should come up.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it since it always helps to find a way to save some money! :)

Take care,

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CDM said...

I never thought to look online for cheap glasses.. huh. Interesting! I already have the new glasses ordered, hopefully ready for pick-up by the time I'm done with work. :)