Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great, got a response!

Got a response from the person I've been in contact with about continuing with any sort of testings/follow-ups to verify my candidacy for a cochlear implant.

I have spoken to my office manager regarding this matter of the ct scan and follow-up here with the audiologist and the appointment to see Dr. Kelsall and this is what has to be done at this point. Dr. Kelsall will have to approve the ct scan and any future visits, since you are a self pay patient, this is a office policy. I see that you have been seen at Alpine Hearing Care, we will need you to request your medical records be sent to us so that Dr. Kelsall can review them and I will also give him your cochlear implant evaluation that you had with Allison Biever on 09-17-07 and then he will inform me as to what to do from there. I spoke to Allison and since your evaluation was in 2007, you will need to be seen again for a hearing test. You will not have to repeat the complete evaluation, but the hearing test will let us know how your hearing stands since your last testing with our office. If the doctor gives me approval to continue, you can let me know where to send the order for the ct scan and you will need to discuss payment with that facility, and I will need to know how payment will be made for the appointments that you will need from this office.

I understand that it has been explained to you from the assistance program that even with assistance, there is still a large amount of out of pocket that is due from the patient. I am not trying to discourage you, I want to help you to understand what all is involved so you will know what to expect.

I still have my hearing aid money in my savings account (which I was going to use to pay for the Naida hearing aid, but didn't as I returned the hearing aid by the end of the trial). Perhaps I can use some of this money to pay out of pocket for any appoints with Rocky Mountain Ear Center, to pay for the CT scans. As for costs that doesn't include the actual implant device (that is, if the program should accept my application and help), I'm working on that. Have contacted a couple of organizations (the local Lions Club being one of them)... Have gotten a response back from 1, and she gave me some resources I could look into. Hopefully we'll get somewhere. I shall keep working on this, doing research, discussing with my mom, and trying to get going.

I've been meaning to stop by my audiologist's office anyway, as I do need a new tube for my earmold (the current one is stiff and just blah!). So I can have them fax over my files they have. I'm also working on getting my meninigtis records from the hospital that treated me (just need to finish filling out the request form and actually get it sent!). I had a copy of my meningitis records once, which I used for a presentation/project I did on meningitis in 7th grade; not sure what happened to them since then.

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