Monday, February 23, 2009

Still browsing options

I'm still trying to figure out how to get fundings for the implant. Some folks at encouraged me to have the local newspaper do a personal interests story to generate interest from the public. I still need to discuss this with my supervisor, see what she says.

I know PayPal has a Donation button, so you can make a button, and post it wherever you please to accept donations from interested individuals who might like to donate. I've considered that, and even made up a website. I have no idea if that would get me any results, but who knows. Couldn't hurt to try, right? The website is:
I'm also selling items through my store to earn some money for the implant fund as well (so far, have sold 1 item yesterday, and I am still slowing adding more items to the inventory). I may even auction items on, items that I can't sell through half.ebay. All fundings I earn somehow will go directly into my savings account, and I'll only use that money for anything related to the cochlear implant process (CT scans, hearing tests, any other testings, the actual procedure, and follow-ups). I also have a small portion of each of my paychecks being deposited directly into my savings account (my paychecks average around $300, and since I have bills and other things to pay for, I can only afford to do maybe 15-20% of each paycheck deposited into my savings).

I have contacted different organizations for ideas... Not very many useful advice or results yet so far, but I'm still browsing and figuring things out.

Do any of you guys have any ideas?

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