Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Audiological Records!

Right on! I got the audiological records from the UW Audiology Center in the mail today. I was rather excited, as I have never seen any of the testing results from them. There's records in there from 1988, 1994, and 2000 (1988 when they accurately tested my hearing loss, 1994 for a new pair of hearing aids, and 2000 for the Claro hearing aid). That was pretty fast. I read through the notes, I was really interested in it. Great, 1 set of records to put in my files! Now, to get the hospital records of my meningitis fiasco. The ABR results are included as well, I've never seen what an ABR mapping or result looks like. Very interesting, indeed!

Went over to the deaf school library to visit with Jo. I came home from work first, and grabbed the 2nd informational packet of AB's Harmony implant. I already had 1 packet, but AB sent me another packet. I don't need 2, and the spare one has been sitting in the basement all this time. Finally, I got around to taking it with me to the library. Now Jo can catalog it. She says she doesn't have any information on the new implants in the library, so she's happy I brought in this spare packet. Was fun talking with her for a bit. She was telling me a bit more of WYHI that's happening on Friday, and I'm planning to go, just for socializing. Any chance of being around other deaf people, kids or adults, I'm going to go if I can! Will have to go to work a bit earlier on Friday, and get the main stuff out of the way, go to WYHI (this time it's in the afternoon, instead of starting at about 10 and going on until 2ish), then return to work to finish the rest of the calendars and possibly even the fire calls.

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