Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Medical Release Forms

Wowza! After I got done with work, I drove straight down to my audiologist's office. Finally got the earmold tube replaced, and I filled out a release form so they can release my records to Rocky Mountain Ear Center. Then I came home, printed off the response email so my mom could read it and know what's going on. We talked about it some more, told her I'm still working on finding funding and stuff like that. She says she thinks she has a copy of my medical records from Sheridan Hospital somewhere, but she's not positive. I told her I knew where to get the hospital's release form online, I could just print it off, fill it out and fax it to them. I should have a copy of those records in my files anyway, you just never know! Printed off 2 copies of Sheridan hospital's release form, one filled out so the records can be sent directly to Rocky Mountain, and the other one with the same records sent to me so I had them for my files. I also emailed the Hearing and Speech Center at the University of Wyoming, asking if they had such a form that I would need to fill out. They are the ones who have dealt with most of my audiological needs since I was 2 or 3, outside of the local school district's audiologist (my current audiologist has at least 2 of my "recent" hearing test results from the school district). I just want to get all that stuff sent off to Rocky Mountain so that the doctor can review them, and then he'd know what I should do next.

Once they get all of my records from everyone and have reviewed them, hopefully from there we can continue on, repeat the hearing test, get the CT scans, and whatever else is involved in the process. Then I should be able to fill out the application for the CNI CI Assistance Program and wait for a response from them. And while doing all this and waiting, I'm going to work on figuring out the funding aspects.

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