Monday, February 23, 2009

Insurance Info Update

Woot! Finally heard back from the insurance guy that was doing research.. He called and spoke with my mom and mom shared the info with me.

The personal insurance through BCBS, that covers the implant, would cost me over $700 a month.... errrrgh.

But he thinks it might be possible to get me on the disabled insurance plan, and that one would be $150 a month (that I could afford).. but he's still doing more research.

Even if I did get the insurance, because deafness is a preexisting condition, I'd have to be on the plan for 9 months before I can even ask them to cover the implant.

I'll keep waiting to hear from him, and figure stuff out. And I'll still try some fundraising so I can get the money necessary to finish out the tests and stuff (Ct scans, hearing test, whatever else), doctor's visits and all that jazz, and even apply to the CNI CI Assistance Program as well (just in case the insurance plan doesn't fall through).

Awaiting another response from him.

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